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Hardware Hack Lab

Volumetric Imaging with Looking Glass

Looking Glass are a cool startup making 3D displays. They dropped by the lab last night to show us the products they've been developing.

Most impressive were the new volumetric display prototypes. Prototype 3D cubes, which they plan to mass manufacture and sell online - appropriately named 'L3D Cube'.

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Cyborgs: The Sixth Sense?

When we found out that Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas were in town we jumped at the chance to have them come visit us the hack lab.

In case you haven't heard, these two are living with extra senses:

Neil has an antenna implanted in his skull which allows him to hear color. Moon has a vibrating implant in her elbow which is wirelessly connected to online seismographs, which means she can sense earthquakes from all over the world.

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The Kinect-Projector Toolkit: A Demo

Some of the best hacks are when you mash together two pieces of commercial hardware that weren't designed with each other in mind. That's exactly what Gene Kogan did when he made the Kinect-Projector Toolkit for openFrameworks and Processing.

This toolkit allows you to mix the human-body tracking features of a commercial depth sensor with the imagery from a commercial projector.

In the video above, participants are interacting with virtual objects falling from the ceiling. These objects collide with each other using 'virtual' physics, but also they can collide with you as a participant in physical space.

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A Primer in Brain-Computer Interface

When Conor from OpenBCI dropped by the hack lab, we accosted him. Here he is explaining the basics of Brain-Computer Interface.

You'll get a quick, hands-on explanation of how BCI works, who is doing it, and why the OpenBCI product is unique.

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