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Hardware Hack Lab

Myo Gesture Control Demo from Mayank Sharma

Another great night in the weekly lab. Check out the video - Mayank Sharma demos the Myo gesture control device.

Mayank flew all the way from Delhi, and decided to spend a night with us. That's about 7,000 miles! He plugged in the Myo to his laptop and started programming an Arduino-mounted LED to respond to human gestures.

Around that we had another killer night. In the room we had a food-printing entrepreneur, a virtual-reality analytics hacker, a crypto-currency IoT evangelist and a professional chess player. That's a weird and wonderful mix.

We had lots of beginners too, as always. People come here because we make a relaxed atmosphere for people of all backgrounds. Some are 20-year veterans, some are checking out tech for the first time and just curious.

Night at the lab #1

One group last night had never played with hardware before. They pulled some of our stock Arduinos from the shelf and started trying out the demos in the books.

We also had an industrial designer who had a 3D-printed headmount product but had decided she wanted to learn 3D programming with Unity. We teamed her up with a couple of Oculus enthusiasts.

Night at the lab #2

You know something really special is going on, when every Wednesday you get a mix like this. The industry generally is boiling over with creativity, and so is our hack lab.

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