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A Ubiquitous State Becomes An Electro-Haptic Reality

Ellen Pearlman

Posted by Ellen Pearlman

The Teslasuit is a 52 point climate controlled haptic feedback suit that is fully upgradable and can be used with VR systems like the Oculus Rift, Playstation and Xbox.

The Kickstarter photos of Tesla Studios commercial body suit, 2015
The Kickstarter photos of Tesla Studios commercial body suit, 2015

Their logo says "feel what you play". It comes equipped with electrodes that "move your muscles around" according to one user. That is because it uses EMS or electro-muscular stimulation.

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Exploring Virtual Reality and 3D Video

The tech consortium NYC MediaLab just released an interesting report on the current state of Virtual Reality. It looks at some of the tech, a timeline of recent events and discussion on business opportunities.

The Jaunt Neo
The Jaunt Neo 3D camera system

In this article I'll summarize some of the tech and experiential findings, and I'll dig in a little on some of the fascinating developments in 3D video.

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Myo Gesture Control Demo from Mayank Sharma

Another great night in the weekly lab. Check out the video - Mayank Sharma demos the Myo gesture control device.

Mayank flew all the way from Delhi, and decided to spend a night with us. That's about 7,000 miles! He plugged in the Myo to his laptop and started programming an Arduino-mounted LED to respond to human gestures.

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ThoughtWorks Hackers at the SmartHome Jam

Who knew electronics could be so much fun?

During a ThoughtWorks company get-together in New York yesterday, employees took part in a 'Smart Home Jam'. We seeded the activity with a few LittleBits circuits and some instructions to get off the ground.

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Meet the Brain Hackers

There's something very odd, but also very obvious about what OpenBCI founders Conor Russomanno and Joel Murphy are doing.

On the one hand, reading people's brains is really strange. It's the stuff of weirdo science fiction like The Outer Limits. On the other hand, BCI is just another area of emerging technology.

During this week's lab Conor and Joel gave us the basics, and announced a new OpenBCI workshop series designed for the community.

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Projection Mapping with CHiKA

Installation artist CHiKA paid a visit to the lab yesterday. She gave an introduction to projection mapping, the technique for projecting video patterns to match the contours of real-world objects.

This is a technique CHiKA often uses in her artworks. The method she uses is based on combining the powers of two different software packages, along with a projector and a laptop.

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Controlling Sound with Your Hands

We have been experimenting with full-body interactions in the lab of late. Yesterday we were invited to install some of our work at NYC MediaLab's Future Interfaces event:

In the installation, the position of people's hands are used to control variables on virtual synthesizers in real-time. The screen also shows a visual display to help particpants work out exactly how they are affecting the sound.

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