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Ellen Pearlman

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##Tell us a little about what you do I work in immersive environments, brain sensor technologies, visual and cognitive perception, and altered experiences

##Which tech trend(s) are getting the most of your attention right now? Human brain computer interfaces and machine learning

##Which industry or art trends are getting the most of your attention right now? Politcal intervention art

##Which hardware (or software, product, platform) are you excited about the potential of, and why? BCIs

Marina Abramovic - The Magic of the Mutual Gaze Yehuda Dueynas - The Ascent Lisa Park - Euonia II

##Which blogs or zines do you peruse right now? My own Andy Warhol Arts Writers Grant Finalist award winning blog on art and technology. http://artdis.tumblr.com

As ubiquity grows, so goes surveillance.

##Attachments of works

  1. Khymer Noctures - done in collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art Media Lab - shown at the “Sounds, Image and Data” conference at NYU Stenhardt/Goldsmiths College/Leonardo
    Khymer Nocturnes

  2. Surveillance Siddhi - Shown at SIGGRAPH Digital Gallery on line - “Enhanced Vision”
    Surveillance Siddhi

  3. Included in “Signal Culture Cookbook”
    Signal Culture Cookbook