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Julien Deswaef

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##Tell us a little about what you do

I’m an artist, designer and creative coder. I usually make video pipelines and unidentified web objects. I basically like anything that involves mashups and that can be manipulated with code.

Apart from some binary blobs here and there, my toolbox is composed only of free/libre open source software. This is necessary for my work as it corresponds to the ethics and philosophy I enjoy in the digital world as much as it gives me the freedom to do whatever I want with those tools. So it’s both a way to see life, authorship and collaboration as it is a practical way to build things.

Lately I’ve been studying ways to improve collaboration between graphic designers and plan to turn the many ideas I have around this into a usable tool. I also collect laptops covered with stickers, references of abuse and empathy with robots and run my own NYCmesh node.

##Which tech trend(s) are getting the most of your attention right now?

I’ve always been interested in distributed technologies… from file sharing to messaging and nowadays digital “currencies”.
It’s {how|why} internet was built and although it looks like a dying idea sometimes, there always new stuff popping up.

So I keep a eye on:

##Which blogs or zines do you peruse right now?

I have an RSS reader with ~200 feeds. But my latest favorites are: